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The Great Books and Baptizing the Imagination (Spirit Catholic Radio)

In the latest episode of Catholicism 2.0, we discussed the role of books and stories in the mission of the Church. The Great Books of Western Civilization were introduced in the episode and offered as an educational path for preparing the heart to receive the good news of Jesus Christ. This approach helps to correct certain intellectual vices common in our society today: intellectual sloth, relativism, the lack of charity in disagreement, and chronological snobbery.

The Great Books approach includes novels, poetry, history, philosophy, theology, mathematics, and science. The presence of novels in the pursuit of the true, the good, and beautiful, demonstrates that works of fiction have a unique ability to propose ideas and meaning to us. In fact, stories have the ability to either baptize or harm our imagination. Listen to the episode to find out how stories shape our imagination and how the imagination plays a part in one’s consideration of the Catholic Faith; a faith that is true, good, and beautiful.

great books

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