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Saints Timothy & Titus

saints timothy and titus

Today the Church honors Saints Timothy and Titus. Both of these men were converted to Christianity in the first century by Saint Paul. The New Testament letters from Paul to Timothy and Titus can perhaps be overlooked, but are true gems written to help these men in their apostolic work in the early Church.


Saint Timothy’s journeys led him to the cities of Philippi, Athens, Thessalonica, and Corinth. He worked with Saint Paul for some 15 years and became one of Paul’s most faithful and trusted friends. He was sent on difficult missions which involved addressing problems in some of the churches founded by Paul. When Paul was placed under house arrest, Timothy was with him. Timothy himself was imprisoned for a time and eventually became the first bishop of Ephesus, in modern-day Turkey.


Saint Titus is known to have been sent by Paul to restore peace in the budding Church in Corinth because of some of the difficulties that Paul had with some of the members there. Titus accompanied Paul at the Council of Jerusalem and eventually became the first bishop of Crete. In the letter to Titus, Saint Paul addressed him as the administrator of the Christian community there as he was charged with organizing it, correcting abuses, and appointing presbyter-bishops.


What can we glean from looking at the lives of these two saints? Both men were true disciples of Jesus and did amazing things, but when compared to the great Saint Paul, who is arguably the greatest evangelist of all time, they are perhaps overlooked. At times in our own lives we can look at the success or esteem given to others and be inclined to feel “less than” or insignificant.


If you are ever tempted in this area, there is a meaningful saying that states, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” Each of us has a God-given mission to fulfill, a specific purpose for which we are created. Fr. Walter Ciszek, in his autobiographical work entitled, “He Leadeth Me,” (which I cannot recommend highly enough) speaks profoundly of how all we can do in the designs of God’s will for our life is to seek to do that will in each moment of our days. In doing so, we can be assured that God’s plans for our lives are greater than what we may dream up by ourselves.


God has designs for you in your life and wants you to be joyful in the undertaking.


Saints Timothy and Titus, pray for us, that we might faithfully serve the Gospel of Jesus Christ in whatever way it is to which we are led to do so. May we, like you, find joy in doing our share in proclaiming Jesus Christ to the world in the appropriate way suited to our state in life.


May Jesus Christ be praised, now and forever!

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