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Saint Lawrence

Today, the Church celebrates Deacon and Martyr, St. Lawrence

Lawrence was the first of the seven deacons who served the Roman Church. His duty was to assist the Pope when celebrating Holy Mass and to give Holy Communion to the people. He was also in charge of the Church property, distributing among the poor the offerings given by the Christians.

When Pope Sixtus was led out to die, Lawrence wept that he, too, could not die along with him. The Holy Pope said, "Do not cry, my son; in three days you will follow me."

Lawrence was arrested. When the governor of the city ordered Lawrence to turn over the treasures of the Church, he gathered the poor and the sick. Showing them to the prefect, he said, "These are the real treasures of the Church."

Lawrence was placed on a gridiron to be roasted over a slow fire. Later he said, "You may turn my body over; it is roasted enough on that side." Lawrence died in the year 258.

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