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We love hearing about how people have grown in their Faith - and feel so blessed when we're a part of it! Here is some feedback we've gotten from the educators we have worked with in our Catholic schools.

Timothy Orr
Roncalli Catholic High School
Omaha, NE

“At Roncalli Catholic we look forward to the time we spend with the Evangelium Institute as it allows us to take time from our busy and crazy teaching world, and let us focus on our relationship with God. Our sessions reenergize us as a staff and we couldn't be happier with our experience. Keith and Deacon Omar are passionate about what they are doing and I appreciate that they get to know my staff on an individual basis.” 

Jeff Ohnoutka
Scotus Central Catholic
Columbus, NE

"Catholic schools play an important role in the evangelization of our students. That is why it is so important that everyone who works in a Catholic school is provided an opportunity to be involved in programs that not only deepen their own faith lives but equip them to be proclaimers of the Gospel values. The Evangelium Institute has provided valuable preparation in this area. We have been extremely satisfied with the dedication and commitment of the staff at EI and consider them to be a valued partner in our mission to bring Christ to our staff and our students."

Matthew Schlaebitz
Central Catholic High School
West Point, NE

“Deacon Omar Gutierrez’s teaching sessions through the Evangelium Institute have had a profoundly positive effect on my understanding of Catholic doctrine and have above all else deepened my relationship with Christ.  I wish all Catholics everywhere could participate in his lectures.

Put simply, the Evangelium Institute has deepened my relationship with Christ.  Deacon Gutierrez is obviously an expert on Catholic doctrine and social teaching and his work is profoundly fruitful and effective.

The work of Deacon Gutierrez through the Evangelium Institute has deepened both my relationship with Christ and understanding of the Church.  The Evangelium Institute is especially vital and effective for the formation of souls during these challenging times.

The Evangelium Institute is simply vital for the effectiveness of Catholic Education.  It is alarming how much I have learned about my own faith through Deacon Gutierrez’s lectures; and now I get to pass my renewed faith and advanced knowledge onto my students.”

Rebecca Geneski
St. Mary Catholic Elementary
Osmond, NE

“I have been a Catholic School teacher for over ten years, and have been attending the Evangelium Institute sessions. Of course I’ve enjoyed the learning opportunity, yet I didn’t realize how much faith I’ve been absorbing! There are so many lessons that I’ve been carrying around. For example, while attending a woman’s prayer group I was able to answer others’ questions with the knowledge I’ve learned about my faith. Then it hit me that I have grown so much with Jesus thanks to these sessions!”

Jennifer Fiscus
St. Rose Elementary
Crofton, NE

“St. Rose School has been blessed to be a part of Evangelium Institute. Our time as a staff during EI is always amazing! We have great discussion on the topics presented and get to spend time as a staff and build our faith, which is truly needed. Our discussions include laughter, airing frustrations, and just bonding with one another through scripture. We really look forward to this spiritual lift in our personal and school lives each month. Omar is a blessing to each one of us and has helped us all grow in our faith.”

Angela Whitfield
All Saints Elementary
Omaha, NE

"I have to share with you that one of our new teachers was especially moved during yesterday's session. We had a lovely sharing moment afterward, which brought her to tears. She felt very refreshed and joyful after the small group discussion.

I thank you for what you do. Your willingness to allow the Holy Spirit to flow through you, to those who seek, it is a gift that our educators need."

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