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Mr. Evan Collins, originally from St. Louis, Missouri, now lives in Gretna, Nebraska, with his wife and two daughters. After serving as missionaries for Catholic non-profits, they returned to the Midwest to establish roots. Evan is working towards his MA in Theological Studies at St. Bernard's School of Theology and Ministry where his research focuses on Catholic Social teaching pertaining to integral human development, reuniting spirituality with theological studies, and practicing spiritual and corporal works of mercy within the parish and local community. Through all of his studies, life experiences, and prayer Evan is always learning more of what it means for his life to be a gift and called toward self-gift. For this, he is most grateful to his lovely wife Bonnie who never ceases to amaze him and be a source of beauty, grace, and reprieve.  He aims to share his knowledge and experiences with others at the Evangelium Institute.

Brandon Harvey: TeamMember
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