A  Virtual Retreat for Teachers

Hebrews 13:8 "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever"


Retreat Introduction

Welcome to our virtual retreat. Please watch this video to get a feel for making the most of this retreat.

Materials you may need for the retreat include:

  • Notebook/paper

  • Pen/pencil

  • Bible

Sacred Worship is a great way to start a retreat. Here you have a couple options (click on the images) for online Masses for May 22, 2020, or, if it is allowed in your area, you may want to attend Mass at your parish.

Mass with

Pope Francis for

May 22nd

Mass with

Bishop Robert Baron's apostolate for May 22nd

Here's some music to help prepare you for today's retreat.



Conference #1:

Building our lives on rock

with Keith Jiron

Here's some more music to help you transition to praying with Scripture.

Note how it was recorded in the midst of social distancing. 

Please join Erin Keller as she leads you through prayer with Scripture. The reading is from the Mass for today May 22, 2020

John 16:20-24

Praying with Scripture
Praying with Scripture

Rest for a moment with this music. Pause and be with the Lord.

Call upon the

Holy Spirit to enter your life right now. 

Conference #2:

Good Works &

a Theology of Lego

with Dcn. Omar Gutierrez

Consider the Sacrament of Reconciliation as a way to extend this retreat. Below there is a video to help you prepare for the sacrament. There is also a link to virtual adoration, in which you can adore our Lord for a period of quiet. Finally, if you would like to speak to someone for Spiritual Direction, our contact information is also below. 

How to go to Confession

with Fr. Mark Toups

Live Adoration of Our Lord

at Christ Cathedral

To set up a time for Spiritual Direction, please e-mail one of us:

Erin Keller - erin.k@eicatholic.org

Keith Jiron - keith.j@eicatholic.org

Dcn. Omar Gutierrez - omar.g@eicatholic.org

Conference #3

God is Present

with Fr. Brice Higginbotham

Some closing thoughts


Dcn. Omar Gutierrez

Some closing thoughts for the retreat.
Our Unchanging God

Please consider submitting an evaluation:

Follow up on this retreat by starting a novena to the Holy Spirit. It starts on May 22nd and ends on the Eve of Pentecost.

Message to teachers from Archbishop Lucas

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