Session 5


In this session we will look over the main modes or types of prayer as well as share some things to avoid in contemporary spiritual trends. 

The three modes we will discuss are:

  • Vocal

  • Mental

  • Contemplative


"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." John 1:1

Vocal prayer is both audible and silent. It is prayer that uses words to express ourselves to God. It is the most accessible form of prayer. It is a necessary form of prayer as well. 

The Prayer of the Widowed

"The Prayer of the Widowed Grandmother"

by Giovanni Gasparro


Theology is Faith seeking understanding - St. Anselm

Meditation is applying our intellect and/or imagination to some truth or mystery of the faith. 

It is our way of trying to understand that which we believe, and it can take many different forms. 

Through all forms of meditation, we "encounter ourselves" (CCC 2706) as we come closer in relationship with the Lord.


"Contemplative prayer is the prayer of the child of God, of the forgiven sinner who agrees to welcome the love by which he is loved and who wants to respond to it by loving even more." Catechism #2712


The language here can be a bit confusing. Sometimes contemplative prayer can be referred to as meditation. There is, then, some overlap between these terms. But the important thing to remember about contemplative prayer is that it is not so much something which we do, as much as it is a situation where we are receiving from God. 

Because of this, contemplative prayer is a gift from God.


Not all schools of spirituality are the same. Some are based on understandings of the human person that are not compatible with Christianity. In the video below I talk about just one of them.