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First Tuesdays

No registration necessary for these courses.  Come one, come all.  Save the dates for our monthly First Tuesday presentations.  Sign up to receive reminders each month or check out the list for this year at the link HERE.  Our first presentation will be on the Uniqueness of Christianity.  These events are free and open to the public..  Starts September 7 at 7pm at Christ the King in Omaha.

Faith and Reason (F.A.R.)

An exciting new series for high school students and their parents: Join us on Saturday evenings, once a month, to see firsthand how faith and reason fuse.  Our sessions will take place at St. James Parish Center, where EI Catholic will offer a variety of opportunities for high school students and their parents to delve more deeply into current topics in the Catholic faith, ask questions, and explore the answers.  

Christ theTeacher Retreat

Treat yourself to three days and two nights of relaxation and reflection at the end of your school year.   We'll be taking some time away at the St. Benedict Center in Schuyler to consider the lessons we've learned and to take some time to simply rest in the arms of our Lord. 

Coming Soon...

Know Your Faith Course 2

Our second six-week session on the Catechism of the Catholic Church: In this segment, we will cover the Incarnation, Mary, the Holy Spirit, the communion of saints, Heaven, Hell, and much, much, more...