Vatican II on Divine Revelation

The Second Vatican Council document Dei Verbum (The Word of God), has frequently been received as a document about laypeople reading the Bible, but it is so much more. This was one of the best-received documents of the council, which had the intent to celebrate the ongoing movement of laity reading and praying with Sacred Scripture, while at the same time helping us to read it in the context of the whole of revelation and Church teaching. The intent was that the whole world might “hear the message of salvation,” and “so that by hearing the message of salvation the whole world may believe, by believing it may hope, and by hoping it may love.”

The Word of God, it tells us, is a person, not a book. Jesus is the Word of God incarnate, the fullness of God’s revelation of himself! And so, it is not just Sacred Scripture but also our Sacred Tradition and every element of God’s revelation to humanity that helps us to know Him and love Him more intimately.

This document is about lifting up our hearts and minds to God through the various ways He has revealed himself to us. Revelation has been handed down in the deposit of faith but also through the very creation of God that surrounds us and in every person with whom we come into contact.

The document ends with some guidance about how to read and interpret Sacred Scripture, while cautioning us against various errors.

Join Deacon Peter Kennedy as he leads us through its contents. This podcast is in two parts.

Part 2

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