Vatican II and the Nature of the Church

The Second Vatican Council document Lumen Gentium (Light to the Gentiles) is a very rich document that helps us to understand what it means to be a Church. Where do I find the true Church of Christ, who is a member of the Church, and how do I experience the fullness of the Church? The document places a great emphasis on ecumenism (dialogue with other Christians) and communion. It helps us to see where we have an agreement and offers a clear path to unity by highlighting the transcendent realities of our common faith with so many outside the fullness of the Church, and calls everyone to holiness regardless of their state in life.

It is this last piece, the universal call to holiness, that is the primary emphasis of the document. It sets out the call for every housewife, every farmer, every teacher, or mechanic, every homeless person to live a life of holiness. The unique call in this document was not just to the clergy, but rather the document empowers the laity to study the faith and live it more deeply, even to work in concert with the clergy to fight error and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Join Deacon Omar Gutierrez as he leads us through the document, its teachings, and the amazing fruit it has produced. This podcast is in two parts.

Part 2

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