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F.A.R. - Faith and Reason

Join us from 7-8pm on Saturday evenings, once a month, to see firsthand how faith and reason fuse.  These one-hour sessions will take place at St. James Parish Center, where EI Catholic will offer a variety of opportunities for high school students and their parents to delve more deeply into current topics in the Catholic faith, ask questions, and explore the answers.  

  1. October 9 – “What does the Church Say About Racism?” 

  2. November 13 – “Why did God Make Us Man and Woman?” 

  3. December 11 – “What is Objective Truth?”

  4. January 8 – “Where is the Proof that God Exists?” 

  5. February 12 – “How do Catholics Pray?” 

  6. March 12 – “What does the Church say about caring for the environment?" 

  7. April 9 – “Is There a Heaven?  Is there a Hell? (and If So, Who’s in It?)” 

Cost is $10 per session per student or $60 for all 7 sessions.  Parents are welcome, free of charge with paid student(s). Scholarships are available on a limited basis if needed.  Please contact us for details.